Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peace is Delicious

Please Note: If you are already a seasoned Delicious User then you should probably move on as this epiphany is meant for those who, like me, are just now pulling up from the rear.

B.D. (Before Delicious)
In an attempt to organize and manage the plethora of websites that I was becoming exposed to in my studies at Drexel University, I set up folders and created links on my desktop PC.

I was trying to keep track of DOE websites, curriculum, lesson plans, games, local educational news, social justice websites, teaching standards, state academic standards, national education standards you name it.

This worked fine for the first fifty or so links. You can probably guess how the story ends.

Here’s a little piece of what it looked like:

Please take note: These 21 icons represent one sub-folder (which is found under another sub-folder that is located under a sub-folder….and which are all subject to my remembering which sub-folder is for storing what…).

Problem #1: I can never remember what I’ve stored or where I’ve stored it.

Problem #2: Since these links are saved on my desktop computer, which is sitting on my desk at home, I cannot easily access them remotely. (That’s a lie, really I can log into my GoToMyPC account and find them that way, but that takes about 45 seconds to do and I don’t have that kind of time!)

Problem #3: No easy way to search. Yes, I can click on Start Search (blah, blah, blah). There is no easy way to search.

The Delicious Way

<< double click the image to enlarge >>

If my lame screenshots don't do it for you, then maybe one of the million tutorials out there will!

Click below for a delicious tutorial:

Visit my Delicous Link at:


  1. Monica- what a great idea. I never thought to use delicious like that, but I will now. I feel like we've learned so many new things in class and there is no way I am going to remember all of them- let alone find them in the labyrinth of my computer files.

  2. delicious sound really interesting and I am definitely going to look up more information on the tool. I wish I could show you the homework assignments I have from Drexel Univ. from the past five years. I literally have folders with sub-folders with sub-folders, etc. of mislabeled, mismanaged assignments on my desktop. I can't wait to use delicious to organize my papers and assignments.

  3. You guys should get the delicious addon for your prefered browser. It lets you bookmark sites, tag your saved bookmarks, edit and organize your saves and pretty much anything you can do on the website all at the click of a button right on your browser.

  4. Michael,thanks for mentioning this- I installed it on my system and it works great!

  5. Delicious seems like a great idea and it seems like something that is applicable to many different people in multiple different kinds of education. I like the idea that you can organize data and the different searches that you or someone completed earlier and track them down easily with one website. This is very useful especially when someone blogs to many different people or subscribes to a multitude of RSS feeds.